Wells Cargo Trailers SmartFrame Technology

SmartFrame Technology begins with the understanding that the frame, although not very glamorous, is the true source of a trailer's durability. Without a solid foundation, a steel-structured foundation, everything else is just for show. These pages highlight the SmartFrame Technology approach to trailer design along with many other exclusive features that assure your Wells Cargo will outperform any trailer on the market. We encourage you to compare. You might get a little dirt on your knees, but in the long run you'll be glad you did.

Radius Corner Posts
Ramp Doors & Corner Post Jacks
Body Frames and Roof Bows
12 Volt Electrical System
Tubular Steel Main Rail Chassis
Corrosion Preventive Measures
Rotary Style Flush Lock
LED Stop/Tail/Turn
Side Doors (Aluminum Hinges)
All Aluminum Anti-Rack Cam
Bottom Trim
Torflex ® Rubber Ride Axles with E-Z Lube Hubs
Hitch And Safety Chains
Patented Underfloor Storage
Exterior Lighting
Fold-Out Step