Rent or Buy Equipment

A-1 Rentals also stocks a wide selection of equipment at its contractor's tool counter, ranging from heavy-duty air compressors for the construction site to hand tools and other smaller equipment. If you're doing work in the Kansas City area, find the tools to do the job right at A-1.

All equipment is available for rent, but in an effort to maintain the newest quality equipment, we also regularly sell used equipment. Since we employ a preventive maintenance program and we only sell rental equipment while it is still in good condition, you can always find a good equipment deal.

Be sure to view the equipment list and read articles containing tips and advice from the professionals.

Customers can take advantage of the one stop convenience A-1 offers with its full line of accessories such as safety goggles and sanding paper. In addition, you will also find propane and kerosene--one more reason to rely on A-1 for all your rental needs.

Construction Equipment