A-1 Rentals 1244 SO floorplan

*Click on floorplan to enlarge. Actual floor plans and specifications for individual units may vary, and are subject to change without notice.


  • Dimensions: 44' long, 12' wide, 8' ceiling
  • Interior: 1/4" woodgrain paneled walls or vinyl covered gypsum walls, tiled or carpeted floors, 1/2" prefinished gypsum ceiling
  • Exterior: wood siding and trim, I-Beam frame, standard drip rail gutters, floor insulation, wall insulation
  • Electric: fluorescent double tube lights, 110V duplex receptacles, breaker panel
  • Windows and Doors: aluminum horizontal sliding windows, 36" x 80" exterior doors with locking hardware
  • Heating and Air Conditioning: central HVAC
  • Options: office furniture, portable steps, security bars, delivery and pickup, complete set-up, UBC construction available, BOCA construction available, state compliances, custom design/materials, partitions, ADA compliant bathrooms

*All trailers can be custom built for you, and all features listed above can be removed or modified to fit your individual needs.

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